Splitting the Difference

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about the schedule for this show.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Two of my favorites are The Secret History of Hollywood (produced by Adam Roche) and Lore (produced by Aaron Mahnke).

Lore is a tightly produced show that delivers a new episode every other week like clockwork. Aaron keeps his episodes focused to a specific topic and the running time for each episode usually clocks in at around 30 minutes (sometimes a few minutes more, sometimes a few minutes less).

With The Secret History of Hollywood, Adam paints on a much broader canvas. It isn’t uncommon for his individual episodes to run for or five hours long. Or even longer.

I love both shows. Both are impressive and when I was preparing to kick off Find Your Gods, they were my role models. Each show is well made, interesting, and extensively researched.

At the outset, I wanted Find Your Gods to follow the pace set by Aaron with Lore and deliver a show every other week. However, over the past few months, I’ve found that this rigid schedule has prevented me from doing all of the research and writing that I think the material deserves.

(It also has prevented me from doing other things, like finishing my latest novel or sleeping more than three hours a night. But I digress.)

As I’ve been thinking over the past week, I’ve been torn between wanting to give myself enough time to prepare each episode and giving you, the listeners, something worth listening to on a regular basis.

So I’ve decided to split the difference between Aaron and Adam, redefining what “regular” means while maintaining the level of research and quality that I put into each episode.

So, that, being said… Instead of sticking to a rigid bi-weekly due date for each new episode, I’m going to relax things a bit so that episodes have room to develop a bit more.

You’ll still see a couple of new episodes each month, of course. But it’s likely that there will be a bit more “air” in between them. I’m hoping that this will also allow me more time to record more of the unscripted episodes during our dark weeks.

As always… Thanks for listening, stay in touch, and MYGBY.

— T.M.