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Only One God

In our first dark episode, a Facebook comment from last week gives us a springboard for a conversation exploring the inherent tensions that exist between (and within) monotheism, polytheism, and atheism.

“What does “dark” mean?” I hear you ask?

Well… In the theatre, when a show has a night off then they say that the show is “dark” that night.

Since Find Your Gods puts out an episode every other week, from time to time the host — that nice T.M. Camp fellow — will record a fill-in episode during the off weeks. These dark episodes can run the gamut from corrections, additional information that didn’t quite fit into previous episodes, or just conversations about some of the themes and topics of the day.

Guest hosts will be sitting in from time to time to talk about their favorite myths. And there are plans in the works to do reviews of mythology-themed movies, television shows, books, and even music.

The dark episodes are unscripted, informal, conversational rambles. You’re welcome to tag along.

‡ You can listen to this week’s dark episode on iTunes, Soundcloud, or download the MP3 or AAC. ‡


Tanya Eby - author and voice over artistThe invocation that opens every episode was created by weaving together audio clips from friends, readers, and fans of the show. We received over forty separate audio clips at the outset — far more than we could use in the invocation. So we’ll be sharing some of the original voices to introduce our dark episodes.

We kick off the show this week with the voice of author extraordinaire and award-winning voice over artist Tanya Eby. Seriously, she’s terrific . . . and she has a brand new novel out. Check out her work online at tanyaeby.com.



The Mindscape of Alan MooreThe audio clip of author Alan Moore ruminating on monotheism in this week’s episode is from the highly recommended documentary film The Mindscape of Alan Moore.  If you’re a fan of his work or just interested in following T.M. Camp down the rabbit hole in which he’s currently wandering around, then this film is as good a place as any to start.

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